The Face


To begin with I’m a 25 yr old female with brown skin.
I might be slightly fair compared to some but I carry my natural skin colour. 

Many girls in Sri Lanka dies to get fair skin, actually they don’t know how beautiful it is to carry a natural brown skin. I do not encourage anyone  to get super white. But giving the right care can lead you  to a healthy skin which is radiant and bright. 


my goal is to achieve that natural glowing skin because that’s what I want. 

I get my hormonal acne every month and getting medication made me suffer a while and I gave up due to lack of results. Then I began treating my skin normal. Used baby soap and avoided using creams or any other chemical on my face. Actually I am way better than those days I used to treat my pimples.

Remember that treating skin means balancing a good diet. Oily food and sweets is your worst enemy in this journey. I have a huge sweet tooth and I control it by having fruits. Loading myself up with vit-C is a great way to maintain the sweet cravings and giving that extra benefits for the skin.

I work and I mostly travel by bus/train. Using soap alone became hard to clean my face. The environment here in Colombo, Sri Lanka is toxic. 

Image extracted from Google

So I experimented on face washes. I started with a basic, Clean & Clear.

The Strawberry being my favorite fruit apart from WaterMelon I had to go for this product. This face wash was refreshing and it was a good come back to using products on my face again. This face wash was mild and wasn’t hard for my face. It cleaned by face but it wasn’t enough. So I went from one to another. All products were easily accessible products from drugstores, supermarkets. Well I reached far and learnt what’s best on my skin. I wanted some honest reviews based on real experience for my reference. I didn’t wanna jump to products just because they are famous brands.

So keeping my introduction short, I hope my content will be helpful for someone 🙂


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