Face Waxing or Threading?

The question remains unsolved!

This is a burning question in my head since even the experts on skin care field carry different opinions on this. 

So imagine how we feel :/

I did some online research and most articles claim by skin experts that waxing does not cause pre-wrinkles. Let me rephrase it;


proper technique and waxing frequency will not lead to early wrinkles 


First, waxing can damage your skin, specifically fine tissue cells. 

So whom should we believe? The skin experts or the skin experts? 

See what I did there? Choosing whom to believe among the experts is hard. 

Being no skin expert my personal opinion is ;

I think it’s up to you! yes you, you may read many things online and many skin doctors may say what’s beneficial for them and salonists may say whats most expensive method for you. And us being the most human self may go for the most expensive method thinking best is the expensive. 

Some may choose what’s painless for them or effective for them.

This depends on;

  • Time taken and efficiency 
  • The painless method
  • Most effective
  • Less facial hair and more facial hair

First know you skin, do patch tests and know how your body skin differ to face. Face skin is 0.12 mm thick, while body skin is thicker, around 0.60 mm. Our facial skin is very delicate so always use authentic products. If you choose to wax always use the peel off wax which is specially made for face. If you choose to thread try to exfoliate before threading and ice water your face after cleaning your hands well. 

Waxing can cause in hair growth so have a good skin care routine to avoid it. Cleaning the face scrubbing, exfoliating is very important.

My personal preference 

I have a lot of facial hair which I don’t remove unless I really have to. I have done my face for weddings if I’m a bridesmaid and if not no. I prefer the threading cause I believe in the ‘myth‘. It’s personal preference so. I have done waxing as well when I’m in a hurry or it hurts too bad with the thread.  I’m used to the threading only done by one person at the salon. Cause some may lack the technique. It’s same with all methods. 

So all the best! and share me your thoughts and if you know better tell me the facts and will research on it. 


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