The Face – Update 01 – 07/01/2019

Hiiiiiiii, this is an update on my face. I will be doing a series of the updates. No specific time period nor pattern.

So I feel my face gradually clear. I check on my pores and marks. I slowly change or add products to my daily skin care routine. I don’t specifically follow anyone’s skin care routines or recommendations. Cause I feel some are very biased cause they are sponsored and some may really not respond my skin well like they do to others.

Below is my routine and it works for me. It’s actually testing and following what results your skin the most in a healthy way. Slow progress is actually good than a major fix and then breaking out again. Slow progress let’s you get to know your skin more.

Daily Routine
  • I wash my face with Soap & Glory Vitamin C face wash.
  • Check for any white heads – If there are I would clean them and apply Tea Tree oil on the spots and new Acne/bumps. I used to use the BodyShop Tea tree oil but now I use Miniso Tea Tree Oil which is more affordable and HELL EFFECTIVE!
  • On a normal no acne day I apply Lacto Calamine Lotion full face. It’s perfect and keep your face dry an smooth.
Weekly Routine

I have linked every product with the reviews I already did and for those I haven’t posted about yet I have linked pictures so it shows which product exactly I am using now.

So that’s all going on with my face. I like minimal and soft treatments rather than blasting my face. The only chemical that blasts my face is The Ordinary Peeling solution. But I need it, My face needs it!

This is it and more to be added in to my face and more dedication to be given. It’s a game where you have to show patience and choose the correct products.


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